In The Name Of Allah

We seek Allah's protection
From Shaitan's evil mind;
And begin with the name of Allah
Most Merciful, Most Kind!

Allah is Great

Allah is Great this I know,
For the Qur'an tells me so;
All of us to him belong,
We are weak but he is strong.

Allah is One
Related to none
Allah is One!
No father, no mother
No sister, no brother
No daughter, no son
Allah is One!

We Thank you Allah

For All the things
we have today;
for all our friends
we love so much
for home, for food
for work and play,
we thank you,
Oh Allah.

When I was Ill

One day when I was feeling ill
a sparrow flew on to my window sill.
He didn't see me tucked up in bed
as he pecked away at a piece of bread.

I thought of how he could fly
when I, in bed could only lie.
I thought how Allah had made him small
and then of dinosaurs, and giraffes so tall.

I thought of many, many things
some with four legs, others with wings.
I thought how wonderful Allah is
because everything around me is really His.


Before summertime, the cherry blossom looks like pink icing
  The ground beneath shoots up daffodils
  Trumpeting their praises to Allaah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala)
  During summer the days are long and hot
 The trees are green and shady.
 Flowers bloom bright and perfumed
 Bees hover and drive for pollen.
 Before wintertime, Allah paints the leaves red, orange, and gold.
 They cover the springy moss with a colorful carpet.
 Squirrels scurry, choosing the juiciest nuts to store for their winter larder.

 In winter Allah causes the earth to die hard and cold
 He permits water to form stalactites and fossilize animal bones
 Reminding us that He is the One who brings back to life His creation...

Thank you Allah

Thank You Allah for all that You give
I know sometimes I'm naughty so please forgive.
Please teach me to be good every day
and let my heart be ready and willing to pray.
Thank You Allah for Your Prophet whom I love,
please raise him in rank in Paradise above.