Allah's Creations

Busy Little Honey Bee  

Busy little honeybee!
Living in your hive
Working night and day for me
Allaah makes you strive.
Then upon my breakfast table
From you little bee
Comes your honey so delicious
Sticky, golden, yummy!
So for our little worker
Love for her let's send
Do not bother or disturb her
She’s our busy friend!

Fish in the Sea

Lots of fish upon the tide
They go swimming side by side
Underwater they abide
And on the waves they ride!

Allah made their home, the sea
So the fish swim happily!
Colourful, big and small
Allaah made them all.

The Little Spider

The little spider spins her home
A soft and silky bed!
So do not raise your hand to harm
Her gentle silver web!
Busy night and day she weaves
Spinning threads of beauty
She is Allaah's little creature
Carrying out her duty.

Moon and Sun

Silvery moon!
I see your face
High in the sky
That is your place
Quietly you appear
When it is night
There I see you
When tucked up tight!
. Allah has made you
You are His moon
But you will be hidden
From our eyes quite soon
That will be when
The daytime has come
When Allah reveals
The light of the sun
My Two Angels

I have two angels that follow me
wherever I may go,
One of them is quick to write,
the other one is slow.
The one who is quick to write
is when I'm being good
the other doesn't like to write
even when he should!

The one who doesn't like to write
is when I am being bad
he wants to hear me say "I'm sorry"
to my mom and dad.
And when I say "I'm sorry Allah,
I won't do that again"
he rubs away my bad deed
marked against my name.

The one who is quick to write,
writes the good I try to do
even, when it doesn't work out right
he writes that one down too
so when I get to Paradise
waiting there for me
will be lots of lovely presents -
oh, how happy I will be!

The Sky at Night

Little stars up in the sky
you light the heavens way up high.
Allah has placed you there to shine
you are amongst His wondrous signs.

Big yellow moon with silvery light
you shine for travelers in the night
remember how once you split in two
obeying our Prophet for all to view.

Then as your term has been ordained
your luster fades and starts to wain,
then you become a crescent small
at other times you're not there at all!

The Seasons!!

Springtime brings fresh flowers
bursting from the earth
little lambs skip merrily
upon the new green turf.

Summer comes a knocking,
knocking at the door
the sun shines very brightly
making people sore!

Then along comes autumn
dressed in red and gold
blustery winds come suddenly
making night-time cold.

Slowly, silently winter creeps
in her icy cloak
fires are lit in the hearth
with fluffy puffs of smoke.

Each and every season
Allah has made for you and me
to marvel at His wonders
and praise Him thankfully.

The Animal Kingdom                                       

Some animals make their homes in trees
so do some insects and buzzing honey bees.
Others burrow away in the earth so deep
then curl up inside for a winter-time sleep.
Camels live in the desert hot and dry
storing water in their humps so that they won't die.
Yet the Polar bear with his white coat so nice
has to fish through a hole he made in the ice.
No matter whether animals are big or small
they know that its Allah who has made them all!