Important Events

Day of Judgement

This is a Day
When everyone
Is brought back alive
It is a Day
We all must know
Where everyone
Will some place, go
The kind, good people
They will be
Sent to Jannah
So happily!
And people bad
They all will sigh
They will be punished!
So that they cry!

So we must do
The things we know
To help us into
-Jannah, go
And stay away
From all things bad
So on that Day
We won't be sad

Obey Allah
We all must do
And do all things
He tells us to
We must be good
And kind and fair
We must be patient
And show care

So do these things
And also more
Inshaa Allah then
Forever more
On Judgement Day
Allaah will give
A place in Jannah
For us to live


The month of fast has ended now,
O Muslims, join in praise!
Allah has given us al- Quran
to make us strong in faith.

The message that He sent to us,
O Muslims, heed the call-
is that we live in brotherhood,
in peace and love with all.

The month of fast has ended now,
O Muslims, mind your souls.
The world's temptations we resist,
Islam is our goal.